Married ladies can have crushes, too

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. . . Well — book crushes, that is.

My earliest relationships weren’t with actual boys, friends. I didn’t manage to catch the eye of the cute kid in math class or Peter Brady or even Daniel, the first boy to earn a sappy valentine in second grade.

They were with book characters.

LoveI fell for bookish leading men long before I dared to express my feelings to any real-life ones. Relationships in my favorite novels taught me about relationships in general, especially in those impressionable teen years, and I feel like I’m a better reader — and person — because of it.

Though I am, in fact, a happily married lady, my devotion to my flesh-and-blood husband does not negate the underlying passion I can feel for literary men. We’ve all been there, right? Sometimes you can’t help but fall into a bottomless pit of yearning for some…

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Becoming That Woman

Theodora Goss

When I was growing up, when I was a teenager and then in my twenties, I had an image in my mind, of a woman. She was a woman I could never become, because she was so much more sophisticated than I was. She was the sort of woman who walked around European cities, with a scarf wrapped around her neck. She negotiated her way in English and probably French and who knew what other languages. She was beautiful and accomplished: she had done things and she knew it, and out of that came her confidence, her ability to walk through strange cities with a mysterious smile on her face. Looking as though she belonged, wherever she was in the world.

Yeah, you hate her too, right?

Hate is the wrong word. I never hated her: what I did was envy her. I would have wanted to become her, except…

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Temptation by Sherryl wood


Callie Smith’s quest for success far from her Iowa roots has caused a rift with her hardworking family. And with neither her Wall Street career nor her marriage going as planned, she starts to question the choices she’s made. 

But when charismatic network president Jason Kane pursues her to save a failing soap opera, her life is soon full of more twists than a TV story line. Suddenly she gets to know a whole new side to her mother, and also has the opportunity to save a friend’s life. Most unexpected of all, she leaves heartache behind and tunes in to the love of a lifetime.


I really love sherry woods novel i had read a few of her novel and love it including this novel temptation. Callie smith came from generation of family whom does farming so she eager to brake the family tradition by going away to continues study to the big city when the first chances arrive. But thing did not really go well with both her marriage and carrer at the wall street that she love very much but thing turn upside down for her when she was pursues by jason kane whom want her to be the leading role for a soap opera and it get even worse when her sister dump (that what it look to me) their mother at her doorstep after not getting respond by callie to chip-in helping to care for their. (Callie relationship with her mother is not very good since the day she left home).

When reading this novel i love callie character the most as it make realize i had the same problem as her communication wih my mum sometime and i sure alot more people does have the same problem to but running away from it does not really solve the problem but infect it will create more gap between you and ours parent. Some we often forget that we simply had to just communicate with them and listen to their need and concern.

Heart of the Night by barbara delinsky


Assistant D.A. Savannah Smith, her jealous sister Susan, and society wife Megan Vandermeer are old friends – and sometimes bitter rivals. Then one horrifying night, Megan is kidnapped. Now, Savannah and Susan must move beyond the secrets and mistrust that have stood between them for years and team up to find their friend.

While following a dangerous trail filled with lies and deception, the sisters find themselves mesmerized by two charismatic men. One is Jared Snow, the radio star with the voice Savannah cannot resist. The other is Sam Craig, the tough detective whose rugged sensuality Susan cannot deny.

Shocking revelations will force each woman to reassess her life…and how far she is willing to go for the man she loves.

Review by Me

The novel explored around sibling rivalry and friendship between savannah, susan, megan and how savannah tried to solve the mystery behind megan kidnapping whom also happen to society wife on one night when she was listening to the dj jared snow on country radio (his voice is soothing and sexy). Savannah on other hand had a very successful career D.A but always very busy (all the time busy), susan on the other hand had always been popular among the men but always comparing herself to her successful sibling sister of her.

I must admit when i first saw this book i first thought nothing of it and was thinking twice if i should take this book (the book don’t really provide the synopsis) but after reading it i quite like the book as it explore more deep relationship between sibling, best-friend and how successful people (women in this book) cope with their love life and how far would some people people go just to save themselves and their love even if it mean to betray your own friend or love one.

Sometime having someone beside you to just love and share all our sorrow it all that matter.

Lovely Christmas


Every beginning as an end and I think it better to share some lovely memories that always had been buried in my deepest heart. Year ago when I was just a kid I always would be very up sad and silently cry to myself as I would always miss the feeling of having a father around just by looking at other with their perfect home and perfect family would make full of envy and jealous of them I even use to hate talking to other as family question would always be the first thing they would and it always make me uncomfortable but deep down in my heart I always love my father. Year pass by people who had gone would never come back but those whom is still living had to be strong had keep those memory always in our mind. Few day ago I had read in a newspaper about a old age men publishing in newspaper looking for someone to spent the Christmas with him as he said it been ages since he last spent a Christmas with someone and the only women whom response to him had cancel the appointment as she had found some to spent the Christmas with…the old men really looking forward to spent the holiday with somebody….when i had finish reading it leave me with a lot of feeling and for the first time I had feel myself lucky to have a family whom had always supporting me in everything I do all the the time and I hope the old found somebody he could spend this Christmas with…..and I wish the same to all the people in the world….. Happy marry Christmas.