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Found this word quite interesting, “perfectionist”  this personality is almost found in each of us and like most poeple this perfectionist will create trouble for me. Each time i try create a blog post i will sure end up delete the blog post as in my eyes it still not good enough for me to post it publicly. but then i think back now that it all just silly thnking from my part as there is no perfect piece of work it all just pure hard work that people keep doing over and over again until u manage to make it perfect and fall in love with your own piece. WRITE…EDIT… PUBLISH that is the only thing i need to remember as new blogger.

i have to admin as blogger myself all this while i do not have my own sehedule, do not have plan, and worse i not discipline type of person but for all that it not really important as finding your voice, what do u actually would love to do in this journey and just do without any worry of failure.

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Choose to stay positive

Staying positive do take a lot of hard work it really not that easy specially if you are surrounded by negative people. But if being positive is a hard work why i am so bother being positive person? The question that keep ringing inside my head.

Like me start by introduce myself first the name a had be using for online writing nur arrian.  I had previously create a few blog but i had ended up delete those blog. Till now a few year later i still don’t know what my niche is but writing is without doubt my first hobbies, well beside watching Korea drama or surf internet. Anyway after few blog content i found myself losing interest in my blog and mostly because i had no idea what i was doing at the first.

I work for money like the rest you too, i had my own dept. and my share of problem too but i understood being negative does not solve anything but create more problem  and also create unhappiness among colleague at work. But the big question is how do one stay positive?

Well for me as a simple women what i try do the best i could and leave the rest for god to decide and i also try to listen what negative person had to said and turn it in positive way and if not then just turn it to be fun way.

If you are still asking me how i did it well….why not i share something that i fun to you to my fellow sister, i am actual use to skinny young girl but as i age and start working my eating habit just grow and without i release it i had already turn to be a fat women that i am now…i use to be shy specially when i am the public transport where kind hearted people would give up their sit for pregnant lady! But i had a small problem with it, those suppose kind heart people would sometime give their sit to me! That use to be very embracing for me but then i turn this to be in positive way it just sit anyway so way not i just accepted kindly and just sit down till my destination arrived…..

Wanna be a freelance writer? 7 Tips

Tell Your Story.

I’ve received a lot of requests lately–people wanting me to give them leads to start freelance writing. Truthfully, there are some really credible books out there on the subject, some even targeted towards the niche of writing you would like to do:  (or just do an book search on “freelance writing, and take note of the various dropdown options for a more specialized search).

Here are some tips that might help you should you decide to begin freelance writing:

  1. Electronic versions of writing samples–develop a blog. WordPress and Typepad are two platforms that I’d recommend highly. Be certain to use categories so that people can easily find various subjects that you may have experience with (e.g. movie critiques, food, travel, politics, economics, celebrities, community profiles, local issues, etc.). If you do other types of freelance writing, have those categories listed with samples also, such as copywriting, press releases, business plans…

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Why you do not want to attend Access Foundation and Level 1 but you still could choose it …

Life With Ease Joy And Glory

A friend, and a phenomenal Facilitator, Sophie Mihalko, posted this recently in her blog: (Enjoy)

Here are 10 reasons why you do not want to attend Access Foundation & Level 1

(The following reasons are numbered for the sake of clarity not by rank of importance – or that would break Access Commandment # 5….)

# 1 – You learn the 10 Commandments of Access. They are also called the 10 keys of Freedom. 95% of your problems will go away when you start applying the 10 commandments. And who would you be if you had no problems?

#2 – You finally get what emotions like Fear, Anger, Doubt, Love, Sex and many more are all about and how to live your life without being addicted to them. Yep, even Love!

#3 – You become a time traveler. You can actually go back and change the past. And you do…

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10 Myths About Writers and Writing

P.A. Moed

In order to write creatively, we need to exercise our free-spirited and impulsive right brain.  It might take a while to “liberate” this side of the brain especially if we have worked in fields that are linear, concrete, and require rationale thought.  This is what happened to me many years ago when I switched from a career in teaching and publishing to full-time writing.   As I began my apprenticeship in the creative arts,  I had to dispel several myths about the writing process and writers.

"Incognito: The Hidden Self-Portrait" by Rachel Perry Welty, DeCordova Museum. “Lost in My Life (Price Tags) ” by Rachel Perry Welty, DeCordova Museum.

1.  Myth: Writers Are Strange.

There is an element of truth to this!  Writers (and other creative people) must be willing to look below the surface of everyday life and explore the world and relationships like a curious outsider.  This perspective sets us apart, but at the same time, it allows us…

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The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Made


Ah, Valentine’s Day: flowers, candy, gifts, overpriced dinners, and wildly outsized expectations. And we can blame the movies for most of those expectations; few genres are as unfairly fantasy-based as the romance, and as prone to send jaded viewers like us into fits of gagging. But we’re also not made of wood; there are a good number of romantic movies that get us right in the old ticker. As a matter of fact, there are about 50 of them.

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